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Gallery submission rules
I prefer Chameleon Submitter as your submission tool! I prefer Chameleon Submitter as your submission tool!

Attention: We only accept partner applications to webmasters that promotes hentaiboss sites!

1. We are only accepting gallery submissions from partners.
2. Maximum of 5 outgoing links.
3. No popups! consoles! redirects! etc...
4. 2257 required!
5. PLEASE create nice and good looking quality thumbs! Show some effort!
6. Galleries must contain minimum of 3 movie clips and a maximum of 6.
7. Galleries with broken/dead links will be removed instantly!
8. Minimum of 2 recips and maximum of 3 recips whichever you choose just make sure you include our recip below.
9. Absolutely NO design or content theives.... If you're stealing content or other peoples designs YOUR GONE!!!!!

Recip Link: - Required <table width="200" bgcolor="white" border="0" bordercolor="black"><tr align=center> <td bgcolor=#000000><font face=arial size=5 color=#FFFFFF><b>Hentai</b></font><b><font face=arial size=5 color=#CC0000><b>Bimbo</b> </font><br><a href=""> <font face=arial size=1 color=#FFFFFF><marquee behavior="alternate" align="center" loop=-1 width=140></marquee> </font></a><br><font face=Arial size=2 color=#04FD3F> <b>Loads of Hardcore Hentai!</b></font> </b></td> </tr></table>
Loads of Hardcore Hentai!

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